Monday, December 1, 2008

Gators Favored By 10? Here Is Why

   The nation's No. 1 team is a 10-point underdog to the No. 4 team. Huh?
   Yes, those who invest on the outcomes of college football and side with Florida in the SEC championship game are counting on a Gators' win by at least 11 points.
   And those who support Alabama with their hard-earned bucks can collect if the Tide loses by up to nine points.
   What do you think about the betting line?
   At first blush, it's hard to believe, especially with Florida's Percy Harvin ailing.
   But, all season long, oddsmakers have gradually elevated the spread on Gator games to head-scratching level -- and Florida keeps covering. UF went 9-2 against the line, a shocking record given how most teams hover around .500 in this category.
   Another factor is that coach Urban Meyer never calls off the dogs when victory is sealed. He plays to the final horn, so the Gators often score garbage points against a deflated or second-string defense.
   So, if Florida leads by a touchdown late in Saturday's game, Meyer will keep trying to make it two TDs.
   It's an approach beloved by Florida betting backers.
   If you were wagering, which team would you favor?
   Anybody think Bama will win straight up?

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